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We are proud to release these important new books...

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Patricia Damery and her husband fell in love with each other and their ranch in the Napa Valley.  They grew grapes and lavender, and walked the land accompanied by their dogs, pygrmy goats, and a lama! The tended the land carefully, using biodynamic and organic methods, taking care to leave large areas in their natural state.

Then the Napa Valley became a "destination," with spas, famous restaurants, and overdevelopment...


JOURNEY TO SNAKEWOMAN is the record of a series of visions using active imagination as originated by C.G. Jung.

Norma Churchill painted her visions, show us her experience as a participation in these visions, which readers have found fascinating...

"... not a book you read but texts and images with which you dwell. In doing so the vibrancy of colours and the travelling of distances are absorbed.."

-Maggie Baron

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